Re: Question running again

Piñeiro wrote:

> I have noticed today (sorry, somewhat busy these days), that
> is running again. Good new. Thanks to the one managing
> that (fpeters? olav?)

The server was rebooted, and when I noticed I went and started the
build master; then restarted the bxlug-sid slave.

> Anyway, I also noticed that the RHEL5 slave is running. So I guess
> that we are now again in the risk of the "dbus connection collapse". I
> thought that we concluded that it would better to not run master and
> slave in the same machine until a new solution is found (move slave,
> virtualization, whatever).
> Have somebody found a solution? oShouldn't we stop this slave until it
> is moved, virtualized or whatever?

Looks like it has been stopped already, so all's good here.

Remaining issues (cc'ed to gnome-infrastructure@):

 - looks like the email notifications stopped working, probably
   because it bounced for days;

 - the firewalling of port 9070 is still in place, which makes it
   impossible to have build slaves on dynamic IP addresses. (there is
   a bug report about this but I don't have its number at hand)



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