WebKit - 2/3 bots stuck on 1.3.7


2 of the 3 bots are still building webkit 1.3.7 instead of 1.3.9 as
specified in the moduleset. The moduleset was updated on the 22th dec
and the 23rd the bxlug bot updated correctly[1]. However none of the
following update-steps on the fedora and cosimoc bots fetched the new
tarball. The latest build-steps on those bots also have buildlogs with
lines like:
"make[1]: Entering directory `/home/mclasen/gnome3/checkout/webkit-1.3.7'"

I suppose that some manual work is needed again?

[1] http://build.gnome.org/builders/WebKit-bxlug-sid/builds/860/steps/WebKit%20update/logs/stdio

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