Re: patch for gtk-vnc not picked up by bots

From: "Thomas H.P. Andersen" <phomes gmail com>

> It seems the patch[1] for gtk-vnc is not being picked up by the build
> bots. The builds are still failing with the specific lines removed in
> the patch. On a local "jhbuild update gtk-vnc" the patch is applied as
> expected.

Are you sure that this is the problem? If you take a look to the
update log on each slave [1][2][3], you can see that each time the
buildbot compiles a module it makes a updateone on this module:

 argv: ['jhbuild', '--moduleset=gnome-apps-3.0', 'bot', '--step', 'updateone', u'gtk-vnc'

And, AFAIU, this is the same solution that you are suggesting.

> (I noticed that the patch has a wrong offset for the lines but it
> succeeds to apply anyway. Just wondering it this could be a reason.)
> [1]



API (apinheiro igalia com)

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