Re: Missing dependencies on build bot

Hi Pierre-Luc,

thanks from bringing this up. I am sending sending this to the build
brigade mailing list too. A few comments below. 

El mié, 02-09-2009 a las 10:31 -0400, Pierre-Luc Beaudoin escribió:
> Hi,
> I just learned about the build bot's existance today and I found that
> my
> project (libchamplain) fails to build. In the investigation, it is
> actually clutter-1.0 that fails to build.

That's the case for the RHEL5 slave, but libchamplain fails also in
bxlug-sid, and in that case clutter is building correctly. Any idea why?

> According to the output, libXcomposite is missing on the system.  On a
> debian system, the package is named libXcomposite-dev.

Version required seems to be >= 4.0, while the version installed on the
system is 3.51:

The configure script detects this situation:
checking for XCOMPOSITE extension >= 0.4... not found

However, it looks like they are building some xcomposite related tests

make[4]: Entering directory

which leads to the linking errors:

LINK  test-conformance
../../clutter/.libs/ undefined reference to `XCompositeQueryVersion'
../../clutter/.libs/ undefined reference to `XCompositeNameWindowPixmap'
../../clutter/.libs/ undefined reference to `XCompositeUnredirectWindow'
../../clutter/.libs/ undefined reference to `XCompositeQueryExtension'
../../clutter/.libs/ undefined reference to `XCompositeRedirectWindow'

so I think this is actually a bug in clutter that we should report.

> Can you install that? this way all apps depending on Clutter should
> start to build successfully :)

Olav, would it be possible for you to install libXcomposite version >=
4.0 on


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