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API schrieb:
> Hello
> sometime ago Rodrigo Moya proposed a kind of integration between the build-brigade
> and the Novell BuildService [1]. The idea is that the build-brigade compile a
> module, and if it is successful, use this code as a target to upload the
> module to the build service, to have an updated SuSE package.
> The idea is add a new step (currently we have 5: update, build, check, coverage
> and clean), and execute a script. It is clear that it is not needed that all
> the slaves have this additional step, so we could check how to configure it
> as a conditional step or simply use a modified slave code in some concrete
> machine.
> This script basically takes the code, creates a tarball with this code, and
> then use some osc in order to apply some SuSE patches, and upload the package.
> Rodrigo Moya and Michael Wolf created a provisional script, and Iago and me
> were reviewing it, so we thought that we should share it with the list. You can
> check it here:
> git clone
> There is a directory with the build-brigade stuff.
> During my review I found some errors and added additional information to
> the verbose mode (to debugging purpose), I attach a patch, so if you agree with
> the changes, please Rodrigo commit it.
> At this moment it have some problems, and in fact I was not able to get any
> module uploaded. Some problems I found were:
>   * In order to create the tarball it uses make dist
>   * I'm not sure that all the gnome modules support correctly make dist
>   * make dist require to have enabled gtk-doc in some modules, so it is required
>     to do a ./ --enable-gtk-doc
"--enable-gtk-doc" is not needed (unless you want it to build docs).
What is needed is the gtk-doc.m4 file, otherwise autoconf does not
expand the macro and the configure script fails. Same issue for e.g.
GConf. It might be enough to just install those macros on the builders.

>   * This slow the process and making my tests, in some modules (ie libglade) it
>     fails with this error (although not all the times):
> required file `doc/' not found
> required file `doc/' not found
> required file `tests/' not found
> required directory ./tests does not exist
>     But all theses files and directories exists
>   * So, probably could be a good idea find another way to create the tarball with
>     the source code.
>   * Other problem is related with the fact that there are different name
>     convention for the gnome moduels between jhbuild and the build service, so a
>     name mapping is required (see file). Currently the mapping
>     list is incomplete.
> In you want to do some tests, you'll need to do something like that (with the
> proper local directories):
>    ./builddir-prepare -p GNOME:Factory  -m  libglade -b ~/osc -v
>    ./builddir-prepare -p GNOME:snapshots:unpatched  -m  libglade -b ~/osc -v
>    ./upload-tarball -p GNOME:snapshots:unpatched  -m  libglade -s ~/gnome/work/src -b ~/osc -v
> (About that, one idea could be include the builddir-prepare on the upload-tarball)
> You'll need a account on the build service. There are currently one created for
> build-brigade, to make the tests. If anyone have interest, I can send the login
> and password.
> Sorry for this über mail
> BR
> [1]
> [2]
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