Re: Integration between buildservice and

El vie, 16-01-2009 a las 11:59 +0100, API escribió:
> The idea is add a new step (currently we have 5: update, build, check, coverage
> and clean), and execute a script. It is clear that it is not needed that all
> the slaves have this additional step, so we could check how to configure it
> as a conditional step or simply use a modified slave code in some concrete
> machine.

I did some experiments regarding to the possibility of configuring steps
to be run only in a particular slave in the past, one quick idea that
came to my mind was to ship a small script like the one attached when
deploying slaves, in this kind of steps, the master would issue commands
using that script specifying the name of the slave that should execute
the command. When slaves receive the command, they execute the script,
which checks the hostname (I used hostname here for testing, but we
could use the slave name) and executes the real command only if its
hostname matches the one stated by the master. Just a quick idea...


Description: application/shellscript

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