Potential build slave running OpenSolaris nv_s101

We've got a machine here at the University Computer Club in Western 
Australia which we were hoping might be added as a buildbot slave.

It is a Sun E4000 with 12x 400MHz UltraSparc-IIs and 11GB of RAM, which 
runs Sun OpenSolaris Nevada build 101. Hostname is 

Further details are available at http://wiki.ucc.asn.au/Buildbot - it's 
currently successfully building about 50% of the modules in the set. 
One of the main factors is an issue with -std= flags on Solaris.

We'd also be happy to allow access to GNOME developers in order to help 
track down bugs building on this architecture and platform.

Please let me know if this would be a useful addition to the tinderboxing 
efforts. Buildslave name could be ucc-opensolaris.


David Adam
UCC Wheel Member
zanchey ucc gu uwa edu au

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