Re: Undefined SSL symbols when linking against libgnomevfs

Hi James,

> Hi,
> We're compiling GNOME on SXCE/SPARC using jhbuild with the intention of
joining the GNOME Build Brigade [1].

That would be nice.

 The biggest blocker at the moment is
> being linked against libssl, causing undefined symbol
errors when linking binaries linked against
> This looks like the GNU ld vs Sun ld linker problem mentioned on
and because
is in
> /usr/sfw/lib and no -L -R options are passed. I thought the way to deal
> this would be to edit gnome-vfs-2.0.pc and add -L/usr/sfw/lib
> -R/usr/sfw/lib
> to Libs, but I checked the gnome-vfs-2.0.pc file from
SUNWgnome-vfs-devel and it doesn't have that in Libs, so I'm not sure
what the correct solution
> is, and how compiling against /usr/lib/ works.

unfortunately I don't have any experience whatsoever compiling stuff for
this environment, so I cannot point you to the right solution. I would
send this question to a mailing list more subscribers, since that way you
have a better chance to find someone with experience on this specific
field. I think gnome-love could be a good place for that.


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