deployment update

Hi all,

today I spent some time  adding code coverage support to the deployment.
You can check it out at, check Cairo for
example... I also added a DISPLAY for the tests + Xvfb support, so tests
requiring an X server don't fail.

BTW, I realized that the main page, which shows the summary for all
projects, has one little old problem.  You can see that Cairo is shown
as successfully built, however it has failed checks. The reason for
this, AFAICS, is that the summary shows the result of the last step of
the build. In the case of Cairo, there are failed checks, however, this
is not considered a build failure and then we run the code coverage
reports, which run ok. IMHO this is ok, because even if we have failed
checks we still want to know about the code coverage, however, this
makes the build summary show a "success" (because the last step was
successfully executed) for Cairo instead of the more meaningful "Checks

I guess we should add support for defining if a step is an essential
part of the build (like checkout, make or make check) or if it is an
auxiliary step (like the coverage reports), so that when we show the
summary, we show the result of the last essential step. Just a quick


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