Deployment status update (almost done :)

Hi all,

I've updated jhbuildbot including the "make clean" stage. I've also made
some minor changes to define commands (steps) that can fail without
failing the build (like the clean step or the coverage reports).

With this setup, for example, those slaves that do not want to prepare
code coverage support will not result in failed builds, instead they
would get a successful build if update + build + check are successful
(they would still get an orange coverage box (warning) in the waterfall
view of each project to state that this particular stage is not working,
but they would get a green Success in the summary view).

If you want to check it out:

Now I'll be devoting some time to check the build in the RHEL5 slave and
fix the problems I find.

Only thing pending would be to hook other slaves to this master and
check there are no problems. If this works fine, then I think everything
would be ready to redirect here.


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