New to the list


I am new to this list and wanted to introduce myself.

My name is Don Raikes, I work for Oracle Corporation, but I am interested in gnome as a hobby and part of my job.

I am blind, and have an interest in furthering the use of gnome as an accessible alternative to windows.

My biggest issue and the reason I have joined this list and hopefully the build-brigade efforts is that I need to run an older version of linux (Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.0.1 based on rhel5), and need/want to get gnome up-to-date on that system to enable the accessibility features.

I have tried to use jhautobuild, jhbuild, and garnome to build gnome, but they all fail for me.

My desire is to have an automated method for first compiling and testing new/updated gnome modules and then to generate rpm packages for them to be installed on rhel5 and/or other distributions.

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