Re: New website layout

> I have a local bazaar branch with a rewrite for 0.7.7 and the single master
> approach. I'd like to push that to subversion. It looks like no one has made
> a module for the existing code on yet. Is it OK if i do this,
> and then i'll make a branch so everyone can see the new stuff?
Good news, great work! :)

Iago was looking for create a new module just before go to the guadec, but
finally he hasn't got time. At this moment we are at guadec, so he wasn't
able to manage it. In fact he made the lighting talk about build-brigade today.

> Does anyone have an opinion on the name of the module? I'd like to call it
> jhbuildbot...
As far as I remember, Jose Dapena (who started this scripts) called it
jhbuild-buildbot scripts, but as this could be too long, probably jhbuildbot
or something similar could be better.

Anyway, answering the other mails (sorry I prefer send only a mail to answer
all the mails), there are a possibility to integrate this on the jhbuild 

After the guadec, probably Iago will have enough time to talk about this, but
he could answer it better than me.

PD: John, have you been at the guadec ?


API (apinheiro igalia com)

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