Re: Deployment status update (almost done :)

Olav Vitters wrote:

> On Thu, Dec 18, 2008 at 01:08:39PM +0100, Iago Toral wrote:
> > It seems to be working now, one example with some recent commits:
> >
> Looks nice! Can you make a blog about this?
> Wonder as well if modules should only be build after a change. Although
> might be complicated with dependencies (e.g. lib* change builds fine,
> but breaks compilation of some program).

At the moment there is an ordered build once a day, that touch all
modules (but might be best to have build_policy = 'updated-libs' to
get rebuilds on changed libraries [1]), plus the oncommit single
module builds.


[1] I'll add this in the buildbot slave deployment instructions.

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