Re: Deployment status update (almost done :)

El jue, 11-12-2008 a las 12:39 +0100, Frederic Peters escribió:
> I answered:
> > > Only thing pending would be to hook other slaves to this master and
> > > check there are no problems. If this works fine, then I think everything
> > > would be ready to redirect here.
> > 
> > Other thing is hooking it up to svn-commits-list@ to get change
> > notifications.
> > 
> > It needs to be subscribed to svn-commits-list@ and receive the mails
> > in a Maildir box, currently I have this in a .procmailrc:
> Iago, did you try to hook it ?  It is really nice, for triggered builds,
> but also as the "changes" column will have culprits^Wcommiters.

Yes, it is a nice feature. I was wondering what's the right procedure to
setup this in I do not know what's the mail setup in
that machine and I guess we might need Olav's hand somewhere...

As far as I can see the idea would be:

1.- have some mailbox (for example one in gmail) subscribed to the svn
commits mailing list.
2.- Configure a smtp service in to fetch the email from
that mailbox or configure fetchmail to do that.
3.- Add the .procmailrc rule for user buildmaster.
4.- Configure .jhbuildrc for user buildmaster.

I think that we could run fetchmail in the buildmaster's cron, and that
should be enough to get this done without needing Olav to do any root
privileged tasks.

Olav, what do you think?


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