Re: Deployment status update (almost done :)

I wrote:

> Firewall issues resolved; there's now a second column on
> ; hooray!

And it is cleaning all my modules :(  I felt this should follow
buildslave configuration (as I am more concerned by CPU than by
hard disk), so I commited this:

  * jhbuild/buildbot/, jhbuild/commands/,
  jhbuild/commands/, jhbuild/frontends/ added a new
  cleanone command, called from buildbot, so local buildslave settings
  (makeclean = False) are used.

Iago, could the build master be updated ?

Something else I noticed is I have build_policy = 'updated', but then
it will run 'make tests', and as it has been cleaned, it will get
built there, and errors will be ignored…

Also is it possible to set max_builds=2 in slaves.csv ?  I got hit by
four concurrent modules building and it is a little bit too much.

Format is:



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