> Hi all
> What is the current status of the jhbuild buildbot project? What's the
> best way to get involved? I'd been following it for a while but
> haven't heard much about it recently. I noticed the sid slave has come
> back online and thought it was time to come out from under a rock...
Yeah, some developers were focused on solve the problem with connect
the slaves with the main master (due the need of a port open per project) 
finally solved in a "non-programatic" approach (sys-admin approach).

Anyway, Iago Toral has more details about that, although he is focused currently
on the mobile moduleset:

> My main aim has been to try and reduce slave deployment to as close to
> this as possible:
This sound really interesting ;)
> jhbuild build jhbuildbot-master
> <tweak-config> (as little as possible...)
> jhbuild run "slave start"
> On the way I switched to using buildbot 0.7.7, added some autotools
> foo to the scripts so jhbuild can work its magic on them, moved lots
> of code to site-packages/jhbuildbot and other piddly things. I'm eager
> to finish migrating to buildbot 0.7.7 (for now, i use from
> buildbot 0.7.5 so that the web frontend still mostly works) and to
> look at not needing to open a port for each project that is added to
> the setup. But obviously I don't want to duplicate effort...
I suppose that this "not needing to open a prot for each project" is
the problem I commented up. We made some tests here, and discarded to
focus the problem on the buildbot itself. We made some unsuccessful
attemps accessing directly twisted:

Do you have any idea to solve in directly on buildbot?

And about buildbot 0.7.7: Im not sure if it has sense has the master
with 0.7.5 and the slaves with 0.7.7, or you are proposing migrate
the master too?

> I've got some basic notes here:
> If anyone wants to talk about what i've been doing, I'm Jc2k in #build-brigade.
Im API. You can add your name here:

at the section "Who we are" :)



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