Re: Repeated name of unit tests

Hi Maria!

thanks for working on this. It is not clear to me right now why this is
happening, but I can check on my dev environment if the same happens to
me and why this is happening.

Thanks again,

On Wed, 2007-10-03 at 18:41 +0200, Maria Isabel Franco Trillo wrote:
> Hello!
> The names of unit tests in output in "tests summary" link doesn't appear
> repeated if this line: 
> 	self.unittests = []
> is added in __init__ method of class UnitTestsObserver in the
> global-config file (at least in my case). Nevertheless I don't
> understand why this change would be necessary, because in first build
> this line of code is already executed, after adding this list
> (unittests) to testsResults in function outLineReceived, but in second
> build if I print this list in __init__ method isn't empty and it should
> be (this behaviour is without adding line previously mentioned). The
> original code is explained in this page:
> I think it could be for some references of pointers but I really don't
> know.
> I think that this explanation is a bit confused but I hope you
> understand I want to say.
> Has someone any idea about the reason of this behaviour?
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