Re: Repeated name of unit tests


The names of unit tests in output in "tests summary" link doesn't appear
repeated if this line: 

	self.unittests = []

is added in __init__ method of class UnitTestsObserver in the
global-config file (at least in my case). Nevertheless I don't
understand why this change would be necessary, because in first build
this line of code is already executed, after adding this list
(unittests) to testsResults in function outLineReceived, but in second
build if I print this list in __init__ method isn't empty and it should
be (this behaviour is without adding line previously mentioned). The
original code is explained in this page:

I think it could be for some references of pointers but I really don't

I think that this explanation is a bit confused but I hope you
understand I want to say.

Has someone any idea about the reason of this behaviour?

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