pwlib path problem in Ekiga?

I think that continuous integration of Ekiga against Gnome 2.19 will be useful.

I notice that even though the external dependencies pwlib and opal are
building correctly on igalia, ekiga's ./configure is failing.

configure: error: You need the PWLib library to compile Ekiga
*** error during stage configure of ekiga: ########## Error running
./configure --prefix /home/gnomeslave/gnome/work/bin
--with-pwlib-dir=`ptlib-config --prefix` --with-opal-dir=`ptlib-config
--prefix` --disable-static --disable-gtk-doc  *** [1/1]

Maybe the `ptlib-config --prefix` command returns an incorrect path on
the build machine?  Is there a way to check that?  I think it should


Note that the opal build succeeds - opal also depends on the
ptlib-unix module of pwlib.
Unlike for ekiga, buildbot give's opal's configure an explicit
relative path: PWLIBDIR=../pwlib-1.10.7

./configure --prefix /home/gnomeslave/gnome/work/bin
PWLIBDIR=../pwlib-1.10.7 --disable-static --disable-gtk-doc

This points to the pwlib source tree.


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