Re: FOSDEM talk and gnome buildbot deployment

On Wed, 2007-02-28 at 09:25 +0100, Iago Toral Quiroga wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> El mar, 27-02-2007 a las 20:48 +0100, Thomas Vander Stichele escribi� > Hi Iago,
> > 
> > I did not see you anymore in the GNOME room on day 2.  As I said, two
> > machines are ready.  
> I was there in the morning, but seems we did not concide.
> > AFAIK I need to know two things from you:
> > - which buildbot client code to check out from where, if you have made
> > client-side changes
> I used the CVS version of buildbot and the SVN version of jhbuild. There
> is only a very minor cosmetic change to the buildbot code and two
> patches for jhbuild (we should try to get these merged upstream). 

Well, if I need patches, I need to know which they are :)

> There
> some other changes, but they are separate files, isolated from the
> sources of both jhbuild and buildbot, so it is not hard work.
> > - the login details to be able to log in to your buildmaster.  
> I'll talk to our sysadmin about this, I'd also need the same for these
> machines.

I didn't mean actual shell logins.  I meant the user/password for my
bots.  If you want actual shell logins on the build slaves, I will need
to do more work to make a DMZ.  FWIW, I don't have shell logins on all
the slaves for GStreamer, as it's not needed.

> > One
> > machine would be called "bot-actes" and running FC6, the other would be
> > called "bot-carpa" and running FC rawhide.
> would it be possible to change the machine names? I think we should use
> homogeneous and meaningful names, something like:
> (fluendo)
> (fluendo)
> (igalia)

I used to feel the same way, but I stopped doing that.  Typically my
machines run build slaves for longer than they keep their distro.  Ie, I
used to call my bot "fc3-whatever", and then a year later I needed to
upgrade them and change the name and I lost history.

What do you think ?

> Also, we need domains for this three machines,... do you know
> who we should contact in order to do this?

The sysadmin team - but not sure we need domains, typically no
one needs to know where they are.  Also, we should accept contributions
of slaves from wherever, with minimal setup (ie, just "run buildbot code
and run this command").

> I'll write an installation guide for this, it'll make your life easier
> and it can come in handy in the future too. I'll try to write it during
> this week so you can start the setup for those machines the next week.

Like I told dape - I know how to set up buildbot, all I need is "which
code do you want me to run", "what are the slave details to log in to
the master".  So as soon as you have the master configured for this
we're set.

If we want more than one person to be able to work on the master, we
should consider running the master on a gnome server, so all people
involved can log in there. What do you think ?


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