Develoment master fixed

Hi all,

Thomas, I've fixed the configuration issue in my development master and
now it seems things start to work :).

Please, do a quick review of failed builds in your slave (at least for
those that build correctly in my slave) because some of them have to do
with missing software, for example, if you look at fontconfig:

Seems your slave does not have "git" installed, maybe you need to
install some more packages besides that one, but just install things
needed for building do not install things that are supposed to be built
through jhbuild :)

Also, now that gnome has moved to svn there are a lot of problems to use
this old moduleset, I'll change the moduleset so we can build more
modules and try some that provide tests so we can check whether your
slave has code coverage running properly. I'll warn you when I've done

Btw, I dont like current home page table when there are many slaves
because the "Builder" columns eats too much space. If you look to the
current gnome-buildbot ( there is a module
called "meta-gnome-devel-platform-upcoming-deprecations-sid" and well,
it does not look nice to be honest :)

I'm thinking in removing the module name of the builder column to it
narrower or even remove it completely and add the suffix part of it
(which should denote the kind of the system used like debia-sid or FC
etc) on top of "last build" and "state" colums, something like this:
                  |        Debian-Sid     |        Fedora-Core     |
| project         | last-build |  status  | last-build  | status  |
| libxml          | successful | idle     | failed      | building|
  ...             | ...        | ...      | ...         | ...     |

what do you guys think about this?


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