Adding tinymail

I there,

I would like to fully integrate tinymail with Build Brigade's buildbot
currently located at

Tinymail supports GPE, Maemo, GNOME Desktop and OLPC as target
platforms. In near future it will on top of that also support Hiker as
target platform.

I want the continuous integration so perform the unit tests on binaries
for each supported platform.

I'm using check for unit tests.

Tinymail has (for its current default compilation) other than check no
non-typical external dependencies.

You can compile it like this:

./ --prefix=/opt/tinymail --enable-unit-tests --enable-tests \

The possibility to have targets that are build in Scratchbox (and other
environments) would be cool indeed.

I'm willing to aid development of the tools themselves and host +
sponsor hardware if that is needed.

Where do I start?

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