Todo to obtain framework independent tests from gtkvts


as promised, this is a rough TODO which points out what would be needed
in order to provide testing framework independent capabilities to

1. Provide new test and purpose templates for any specific framework  at
src/tests/functions/_Templates. For example Check templates.

2. The test generator tool is a bit tied to TET. It should be fixed to
make it more general. I'm not sure if can make it general enough to
provide support for any testing framework, but at least we should do it
Check. Some things that should be fixed:

   - Let the tool know the templates to apply from a configuration spec
(currently they are hardcoded).

   - Modify the makefiles the tool generates to build the generated
tests, they are hardcoded in the tool and link the tests against TET
libraries and include TET header files. Add a "check" target to the make

   - Manage other behaviour that would be needed in order to succesfully
generate Check-enabled sources, like naming suites and test cases or
providing a proper main() function (TET enabled tests link against a .o
file that provides the main() function).

3. Provide autotools support to build, compile and execute the tests
properlly using Check. Currently they use the TET tcc tool to execute
the tests running a command (which basically goes through all
directories executing the tests and collects the results). To avoid this
tool we need to provide a "check" target that takes care of test
execution in each directory.

4. Avoid usage of $TET_ROOT environment variable inside test description
files (.inp).

Fer, correct me if I am wrong or I missed something.


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