Re: damaged data-dvd


Le mercredi 10 mars 2010 à 11:40 +0100, martin schneebacher a écrit :
i'm using brasero 2.28.3 on a uptodate debian-sid and having problems creating a data-dvd. the burning works normal and finishes with 'successfully completed', and the directory-structure of the dvd (dvd+r, sony) is ok but all files do not have the original content, all bytes are 0x00.

any suggestions? 
Wodim could indeed be one culprit.
What I would suggest is to open a bug on against brasero. Attach to this bug a log of a such a failed session (using "brasero -g --brasero-media-log > log 2>&1") so we can determine which backend is used.

Thanks in advance,


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