RE: Brasero Documentation

Do you think we should leave the screenshot out?  I included it because it, said it should be included.  I have
seen a few other gnome app docs that have screenshots as well.


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Hi Andrew,

On Fri, 2008-02-01 at 09:23 -0600, Andrew Stabeno wrote:
> I have made the correction you proposed and added a getting started
> Let know what you think.

The changes look great, nice work. Between you and Milo, the document
looks like it's taking shape nicely. On reviewing the latest revision,
the only issue I found was a small typo ("Creaing a New Project" =>
"Creating a New Project").

Also, just a note about screenshots. Make sure that you follow the GNOME
screenshot guidance here [1], as screenshots can cause problems for
translators and users if you're not careful about how you use them.



[1] -

Phil Bull

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