Anklang 0.1.0 Released

Anklang version 0.1.0 is released.

Anklang is a digital audio synthesis application for live
creation and composition of music. It is released as Free
Software (MPL-2.0) and runs under Linux.

The real-time sound engine is implemented in C++, the UI runs
in Electronjs, Firefox or Chrome. Assistance with development,
porting or creative efforts is very welcome.

With version 0.1.0, Anklang provides a MIDI sequencer,
Undo/Redo capabilities for note editing, real-time synthesis,
and support for CLAP plugins.

The source code and binary packages are available here:

The project website with further resources is at:

The release NEWS are appended.

Anklang 0.1.0

System Requirements

    Linux - Ubuntu 20.04 is needed to run the Anklang AppImage

Hardware Support

Build and package a second sound engine binary with AVX & FMA optimizations.


    Extended documentation in many places.
    Improved copyright listing of all source files involved.
    Provide user documentation as anklang-manual.pdf.
    Provide developer documentation as anklang-internals.pdf.

User Interface

    Improve UI responsiveness when handling async API calls.
    Support proper note selection sets in the piano roll.
    Introduced Undo/Redo stack for piano roll changes.
    Use batch processing to responsively handle thousands of notes.
    Support shortcut editing for piano roll functions.
    Added Cut/Copy/Paste to piano roll.
    Added play position indicator to piano roll.
    Tool selection in piano roils now works on hover.
    Notes moved in the piano roll now properly bounce against edges.
    Selection in the piano roll now supports SHIFT and CONTROL.
    Clips can now store notes with velocity=0.
    Migrated CSS processing to postcss.
    Fix file path handling for project load and save.
    Shortend nicknames are now auto-derived for external plugins.
    Support loading of command line files in Anklang.
    Add MIME support for starting Anklang for *.anklang files.


    Support single clip looping (very rudimentary), to be extended later.
    Add Gtk+-2 dynlib to provide a wrapper window for plugin UIs.
    Add support for CLAP-1.0.2 plugin loading and processing, the following
    CLAP extensions are currently implemented:


    Provide infrastructure for future piano roll scripting.
    Support lean UI component implementations with lit.js.
    Use ZCAM color model to design/saturate/etc colors of the UI.
    Updated various third party components.
    Use Electron-18.3.5 as basis for the UI.
    Use adaptive ZSTD compression for project storage.
    Use fast ZSTD compression for binary snapshots in Undo/Redo steps.
    Support sound engine blocks up to 2k.
    Adjust block sizes to reduce PulseAudio overhead.
    Keys matching in ASE_DEBUG is now case insensitive.
    Anklang can now be started with '--dev' to force open DevTools.


    License clarification, the project uses MPL-2.0.
    Improved reproducible dockerized builds.
    Fixed dependencies of the Debian packages. #3

Anklang Free Software DAW:

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