[tim-janik/beast] Resample accuracy fails (#139)

Since we enabled -ffast-math, resampler accuracy tests have been failing.
Just build todays Beats master and run the checks:

out/tests/suite1 testresampler_check_precision_sub24
  RUN…     testresampler_check_precision_sub24
suite1: tests/testresampler.cc:810: testresampler_check_precision_sub24: assertion failed: run_accuracy (RES_SUBSAMPLE, false, 24, 90, 9000, 983, 126)

Maybe the error margins need to be extended, now that math precision can potentially be reduced, or maybe some float instructions really need adaptions. In particular -fassociative-math and -freciprocal-math may be the culprits here. See also: https://mail.gnome.org/archives/beast/2020-January/msg00009.html

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