Re: [tim-janik/beast] Jack driver (#31)

An update on how this can be merged. This PR needs:

  1. Updates so it uses the new Bse::Driver API and utilizes C++ classes instead of C structures.

  2. We need to figure how to integrate Jack support into the AppImage. The AppImage build tools gather all system libraries needed by an applicaiton and pack those into the AppImage, so it can be run self-contained. But some libraries are blacklisted and the jack client library is one of those. The reason is that the Jack/libjack ABIs are tightly coupled, so that packing any libjack wouldn't neccessarily work on a system that runs a possibly completely different jackd version.
    However, there are AppImages out there with Jack support, IIRC they check and compile different libjack versions or something similar. I don't know the exact details, so solving this involves joining #AppImage on freenode, and asking TheAssassin / Probono which AppImages ship jack support so we can investigate those.

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