Re: [tim-janik/beast] Force alsa default device (#123)

Ok, first of all, I no longer think that changing the auto-detect order for devices can solve our problem.

I think we can get very close to 0-config for most users by doing this:

  1. Pick Jack driver if and only if Jackd is running.
  2. Pick Pulseaudio if it is available, note that this does not support snd_pcm_link and needs some drift compensation.
  3. Pick the first ALSA HW device, that should support snd_pcm_link.
  4. Otherwise leave it to the user via the preferences dialog.

The only thing I'm not perfectly sure about is if a linked HW device (3) is better than Pulseaudio with drift compensation (2). From a quality standpoint, (3) would be clearly better.
But imagine a user has Pulseaudio hooked up to his second ALSA device, e.g. USB headphones. If Beast prefers the first ALSA device over Pulseaudio, it can link Duplex channels, but may blast onto laptop speakers unintentionally or maybe utterly silent if hw:0,0 is a desktops onboard sound with an unconnected stereo jack.

So we need explicit driver selection in the future. So eventually we will need .bserc to have an entry for setting the audio driver. I can understand that adapting beast-gtk may not be what we want to do, since it makes not much sense to invest time in legacy ui code.

I've almost thrown away the entire preferences code in beast-gtk yesterday, because it depends on the Visitor code which doesn't compile due to a g++-8 bug. I did find a workaround in the end though. But don't count on that code to stay around much longer.

I can also understand that adapting ebeast may not yet be what we want to do, because it may need more time to develop ebeast until it is time to add a configuration dialog. But that will happen eventually.

Ebeast has had a preferences dialog since mid-May.

We just need to add PCM device selection to it.

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