[tim-janik/beast] BSE: bsemathsignal: add approximations: Bse::fast_log2 and Bse::fast_exp2 (#124)

First of all, this adds a function that was missing in bsemathsignal: a fast_log2 implementation. It works by using the float exponent and approximating the rest of the value using a polynomial. I found a tool that gives optimal polynomial coefficients for a given order: https://github.com/samhocevar/lolremez

Since I was at it already, I also looked at our exp2 approximations. Comparing them to what lolremez would produce, what we do is not ideal. So I also added fast_exp2. This has consistently better relative errors. So I suggest as next step replacing bse_approxN_exp2 by fast_exp2<N> everywhere, which should be as fast, but more accurate. Please review the API and let me know if this can be the canonical API for porting the old functions to.


Relative exp2(x) approximation errors in interval [-1:1]:

rxprec: bse_approx2_exp2: 0.009017387
rxprec: bse_approx3_exp2: 0.0007944462
rxprec: bse_approx4_exp2: 5.568432e-05
rxprec: bse_approx5_exp2: 3.24224e-06
rxprec: bse_approx6_exp2: 1.614916e-07
rxprec: bse_approx7_exp2: 7.028907e-09
rxprec: bse_approx8_exp2: 2.716875e-10
rxprec: bse_approx9_exp2: 9.445048e-12

rxprec: fast_exp2<2, double>: 0.001724763
rxprec: fast_exp2<3, double>: 7.478144e-05
rxprec: fast_exp2<4, double>: 2.593371e-06
rxprec: fast_exp2<5, double>: 7.493647e-08
rxprec: fast_exp2<6, double>: 1.8558e-09
rxprec: fast_exp2<7, double>: 4.021119e-11
rxprec: fast_exp2<8, double>: 7.746751e-13
rxprec: fast_exp2<9, double>: 1.375958e-14

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