Re: [tim-janik/beast] Many build issues on FreeBSD (#132)

Hi @yurivict.

I'm afraid FreeBSD builds are not possible atm.

  1. FETCH for external packages is required, because we cannot have every dependency replicated in our repository. A cache in $HOME is supported though, so only the first build attempt really needs downloads.

  2. Beast now has a hard dependency on Electronjs, and AFAICS that is not (yet) available for FreeBSD. So that needs to be fixed first. Alternatively, maybe some future version of Firefox will again support a standalone browser engine that can be used as desktop app, but without a standalone modern browser engine, Beast cannot be brought to live.

  3. realpath and find and other tools used in the Makefiles use GNU specific options atm, porting to a pure POSIX command/option set is only useful once (2) is solved (and involves significant work in some cases).

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