Re: [tim-janik/beast] One fluid synth per track (#102)

The reason the GUI blocks instrument changes is that the BSE core hasn't had support for this yet. If soundfonts can implement changes during runtime, the associated, we'll of course release that restriction and make it user accessible. I guess that's better left for another PR, right?

I agree. As I understand it, updating beast-gtk is to be avoided, I suppose this should be done once ebeast supports assigning soundfont & preset with the new ui. The fluid code as it is supports changing the preset of an existing track during play. It doesn't support changing the SF2 filename of a track during play, but this could be implemented by swapping the fluid_synth_t instance in this case. Maybe that should be done after you have the new engine module api.

Anyway I think I've addressed the other issues now, will reassign this to you so you can merge it.

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