Re: [tim-janik/beast] beast ui kit (#107)


In #53 and #59 I thought of a new steampunk braced ui. I started make a ui to help with this.

Thanks you, but to be very clear, this is not what the Beast project needs. No patterns are needed for UI development at this point, and the work on our UI roughly resembles other dark skinned DAWs:

There are other areas where you can help the project if you may, for example:

  1. Test releases, tell us about regressions you find.
  2. Read and help with the manual, submit changes to the parts that need fixing or are outdated. Ask us on IRC and play around with Beast to write answers that may currently be missing from the manual.
  3. Find/collect/create royalty free SF2 or MIDI files that we can recommend to the community to create music with Beast.
  4. Help with any of the ongoing coding efforts, the bug tracker lists some or ask us on IRC.

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