Re: [tim-janik/beast] Does not run on Ubuntu 14.04 (#90)

Thanks for making an AppImage. However, it was compiled on a "too new" system so that it won't run on Ubuntu 14.04, which is still a supported distribution at this point

I'm fully aware of the AppImage Hub requirements regarding old distributions.

However there is no way that our code base will build on 14.04, at this point we have even given up on 16.04. For the moment, 18.04 is the base system that the AppImage builds require and our CI makes sure that they also run on Fedora-27. There are lots of third-party libraries and also the compilers that Beast depends on that simply aren't available in earlier distributions with the required feature set or bug fixes.

So I think this bug should actually be filed against the AppImage Hub for not allowing users the choice to pick AppImages built for newer distributions. Simply adding a new column to the Hub that lists the minimum supported distribution or Glibc version for an AppImage, instead of barring the AppImages from the site could allow a large number of new projects to get listed with their AppImages.

It's not like most Free Software projects have spare resources to invest into 5!!! years of LTS maintenance for free, so even if they bother to set up AppImage builds, the required base is most often too new to be listed.

IMHO, that's the main drawback in AppImage compared to snaps and flatpaks. There's no central place to find Apps from projects that can afford AppImage build maintenance but not free 5 year LTS services.

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