Re: [tim-janik/beast] Many build issues on FreeBSD (#132)

FYI, here is the Debian bug for packaging Electron:

There's nothing wrong with Electron itself. It has been ported to FreeBSD and is long available in ports. The problem is that Electron is used as a Trojan Horse to drive NodeJS packages.

Whatever language / runtime environment you use, always check your dependencies closely and pay close attention to name spoofing / typosquatting.

No. Other projects have a more centralized nature with upstream devs having control over the content of used dependencies. In NodeJS npm just downloads the latest versions of hundreds/thousands of GitHub projects without anybody being able to even track what versions are used n particular cases. There is no easy way to freeze dependencies, to have reproducible builds, to fingerprint files, etc. This creates an ecosystem prone to security violations.

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