Re: [tim-janik/beast] Track primitive properties ported to C++ (#109)

@tim-janik commented on this pull request.

In beast-gtk/bsttrackview.hh:

> @@ -20,11 +20,13 @@ typedef	struct	_BstTrackView	   BstTrackView;
 typedef	struct	_BstTrackViewClass BstTrackViewClass;
 struct _BstTrackView
-  BstItemView	          parent_object;
-  Bse::SongS              song;
-  BstTrackRoll	         *troll;
-  BstTrackRollController *tctrl;
-  GtkWidget		 *repeat_toggle;
+  BstItemView                     parent_object;
+  Bse::SongS                      song;
+  std::map<SfiProxy, Bse::TrackS> track_map;

Note, I'm perfectly happy with adding type aliases for complex types, so you don't need to reformat all members. E.g.

using TrackMap = std::map<SfiProxy, Bse::TrackS>;
// other members...
TrackMap    track_map;

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