Re: [tim-janik/beast] Port Super author/license to C++ (#110)

This triggers a problem in your scanner_parse_paren_rest modifications to (also appears to break travis CI):

stefan@quadcorn:~/src/ghbeast (pport-super *% u=)$ make -j1 check
  CHECK    out/tests/bsefiles.lst-b
bsetool: bse/ scanner_parse_paren_rest: assertion failed: text1 > text0 && text1[-1] == ')'
./media/Demos/x2-midi-test.bse:106: error: failure around character ')' - aborting...
check-load: ./media/Demos/x2-midi-test.bse: loading failed: Bse.Error.PARSE_ERROR
tests/ recipe for target 'out/tests/bsefiles.lst-b-test' failed
make: *** [out/tests/bsefiles.lst-b-test] Error 1

From what I could debug, this is a problem of your code accessing the internal GScanner buffer (scanner->text). It looks like the buffer was refilled during the loop that should read the property, so that text1 is smaller than text0. One way to fix it could be to load the entire file into memory before parsing.

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