Re: [tim-janik/beast] BSE: SF2: use shared engine module instead of global soundfont lock (#85)

Recently, we discussed this merge request, and you (Tim) said you do not want to merge code that locks a mutex during audio processing due to priority inversion.

Engine modules must generally strive to finish their work in a predictable time period (soft realtime rendering) and not block for arbitrarily long periods. Examples that have to be avoided are:

So priority inversion is just one of them.

Given the above set of limitations, implementing engine modules would be very hard. That's why we added engine-jobs that can be queued and processed (in a lock-free manner) on engine modules. The way that works is as follows:

So state that might ordinarily be synchronized between threads via a mutex should in the context of an engine module be reference-counted or copied and transferred into the engine module via a callback closure, without needing additional synchronization primitives.

So, what does the lock protect here? There is one global fluid_synth instance that is used by both, the soundfont repo and the soundfont osc code. There is also a bunch of data shared between the soundfont osc modules that is protected by the lock. Locks are acquired

* by the soundfont repo when loading/unloading soundfonts

* by the soundfont osc modules when rendering audio

Like the wave repo code, we never load/unload soundfonts if the repo is prepared, so effectively the soundfont repo will not lock the global mutex while the project is playing.

The soundfont osc modules are

* one common module that does the actual rendering (1)

* per osc modules that just copy the data out, and maybe change the preset of the current voice (2)

But these modules are all executed within the engine process() callback so they effectively run with the highest priority we have. So there is no priority inversion possible here. Also note that while (1) takes a while because it renders the data, (2) is really cheap, because the audio data is already available.

Why exactly is a mutex needed in the first place, let alone in an engine module?
As stated above, ultimately the code needs to be reworked to avoid the lock and use jobs or similar means to update engine module state.
Just to make sure that's understood, it is not ok for engine modules to be blocked while file IO ocours in another thread (like loading a soundfont).

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