Re: [tim-janik/beast] ../bse/bseenums.hh:7:10: fatal error: bse/bseapi_interfaces.hh: No such file or directory (#66)

@tim-janik Thanks for looking in to this.

Yes, I'll close the issue now, cause I'm not likely toput in the needed time either atm.

I do want to correct some misunderstandings:

From what I understand, NixOS requires a lot of file path patching

Most packages don't need any manual patching, but some do.

At the very least, you'll need /usr/bin/env.

NixOS has that, so changing shebangs upstream would help a lot.

but paths hardcoded in the generated configure due to macros from /usr/share/autoconf/... are not under Beast's control. That simply requires significant porting effort on NixOS and should arguably be fixed/adapted by the NixOS autoconf + automake packages.

I don't know enough about autoconf macros to answer this, sorry.
I do suspect this isn't the first time it comes up, and NixOS has some plumbing to deal with it.

Of course that requires a working git setup, including git log and git describe, and unfortunately NixOS intentionally doesn't even provide that for package builds.

I wouldn't say it's intentional, but rather a side effect.
The effect is the same though...

With every package in NixOS having their own bin/ directory, I also wonder how NixOS wants to scale up to supporting hundreds or thausands of package installations...

This is not an issue, since no duplicate packages are ever stored. Also: all packages symlink to their dependencies. Or did I misunderstand you?

Thanks again for your time!

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