Re: [tim-janik/beast] Multi audio output module (#73)

Right. If I understand this correctly, then you want this mainly for drum patterns. Currently we allow using the piano roll to sequence a drum patteren, for instance consisting of BD, SD and HH hits. What we currently do is downmix everything before the mixer, so the mixer only sees the mixed signal.

However, the downside of our current approach is that we cannot control the BD, SD and HH audio seperately, for instance change panning on HH only, make HH louder or eventually apply more reverb on the HH samples.

In Bitwig for instance, the drum machine output is split into sub-channels (two arrows symbol in the mixer), so each drum can be controlled in the mixer. It also allows for what our post-processing network on each sub-channel, so they can distort BD and keep SD/HH undistorted.

I am not even sure of how to add this to beast, could be tricky because it breaks existing assumptions of how tracks, busses and the mixer work.

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