Re: [tim-janik/beast] Compile error on Fedora 28, gcc 8.1.1 (aida.hh) (#72)

There's no easy workaround for the g++-8.2 SFINAE bug, the code portion that triggers this is vital for the function calls between the UI and the sound engine. So, unless g++-8.3 fixes this and Fedora-28 decides to upgrade and ship, g++-8.3, Fedora-28 builds can unfortunately not be supported.

However I've now created and added it to travis-ci, so we see future build issues on Fedora.

Also, since recently, we're building Beast AppImage binaries on Ubuntu-18.04, which have been tested to work well under Fedora-28, these can be found here:

The AppImage binaries will be announced more broadly with the next release.

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