Re: [tim-janik/beast] Fix af-tests/soundfont-test on bionic (#42)

Hi Stefan, thanks for the PR.

Overall it looks good, there's one thing that can be improved though.
I'd like to keep all thresholds in one place, in the Makefile.sub. I see two ways to accomplish that:

a) Change's FLUID_THRESHOLD to a FLUID_RELAXED_THRESHOLD boolean and pick the threshold inside the Makefile based on the boolean.

b) Change's FLUID_THRESHOLD to FLUID_VERSION and pick a threshold inside the Makefile based on FLUID_VERSION>=1.1.7.

I guess (a) suffices for now, but (b) would be more future proof in case we have to adjust the threshold ever again. Come to think of it, we could run into future problems with other libraries as well. Scattering the threshold and version checks across Makefile.sub and for each should be avoided. I.e. I'd merge either (a) or (b), but have a slight preference for (b) in terms of setting a precedent for future patches.

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