Beast 0.12.0

After quite a bit of polishing and last minute regression fixing, Beast 0.12
is finally out.

The latest stable release is now tracked by a new git branch
named 'wip/latest-stable'. Beware of non-linear updates to future
stable releases:

This release removes the Rapicorn dependency as well as the
runtime dependency on CPython. To achieve that, a number of
utilities from Rapicorn has to be integrated, which has made the
code base a fair bit larger:

  651 files changed, 75581 insertions(+), 44596 deletions(-)

Most notably, this is the first release that installs the new
ebeast UI. Tracks, piano rolls and dB meters are already displayed,
but not much beyond that as it's still in pre-alpha stage.
However it's a good showcase for our future UI direction, you can
start it and take a quick look with:


Please file any bugs you encounter in the Beast bug tracker:

The release NEWS in all its glory is online:

Here is the abbreviated shortlog.

Vincent Bermel (1):
      DATA: unhardcode launcher icon file type

Stefan Westerfeld (10):
      BUILD: display summary message at the end of configure
      AF-TESTS: compute soundfont test threshold based on fluidsynth version
      BUILD: provide fluidsynth version instead of test threshold to af-tests
      AF-TESTS: add version comparision helper script
      AF-TESTS: fix soundfont test for newer (>= 1.1.7) fluidsynth versions
      BUILD: determine soundfont test threshold from fluidsynth version
      BSE: suppress resampler filter test output if no errors found
      TESTS: testresampler: print test result as one single line by default
      TOOLS: bsefcompare: print test result as one single line by default
      BEAST: fix crash when adding a bus to the mixer while song is playing

Tim Janik (933):
      NEWS: updates for beast-0.12.0

Yours sincerely,
Tim Janik
Free software author.

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