Hydrogen -> BEAST drumkit converter


Here is a script I've been working on, which converts Hydrogen drumkits to
BEAST drumkits. This is a nice way to improve drums in BEAST because

 - BEAST currently ships only one drumkit, Hydrogen has a few more
 - some Hydrogen drumkits sound really good (i.e. Hydrogen GMkit sounds
   better than our retrokit)
 - since debian (ubuntu) packages Hydrogen drumkits, there should be no license
   issues when importing/redistributing these
 - conversion needs not be done by the end user - we can simply ship
   the resulting .bsewave files

I've attached my script, usage information is at the start of the script.

I've attached a simple test drum loop, without the actual waves included, so
you can load GMkit into it and play with different kits. GMkit is a good start.


There is one thing that we need in BEAST before shipping imported kits: the
author, license, ... information is parsed by the script, but is not imported,
since bsewave xinfos for these do not exist. So I cannot import this
information, but we probably want to have it, so BEAST should have xinfos and
read xinfos and display it somewhere in the UI.

Since the Hydrogen kits are multilayered (different gain implies different wave
files), and since BEAST afaik doesn't support this, I use only the settings for
the loudest layer - but that should be OK. Also there are a few settings I
ignore during import, but as long as the resulting kits sound good, that should
be OK too.

   Cu... Stefan
Stefan Westerfeld, http://space.twc.de/~stefan

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