new wip/soundfont pushed

A new version of the wip/soundfont branch has been pushed to github.

This one cleans up the branch history:
a) It starts with the original SF2 patches from 6 years ago, originating at
b) It incorporates all resolutions that Stefan work on lately
c) It always merges master into soundfont and not the other way around
d) It's synchornized with the current tip of master

In particular (c) means we have a clean topic branch history now and can work
with that as follows:

git log --first-parent --oneline f126a..wip/soundfont # compact SF2 history

git log --first-parent -p --cc f126a..wip/soundfont # all diffs + resolutions

git diff master..wip/soundfont  # squashed view of all SF2 changes, ca 4kloc
git diff wip/soundfont^2..wip/soundfont  # same thing, use after master diverged

Yours sincerely,
Tim Janik
Free software author.

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