Re: [PATCH 1/2] BUILD: update glib-gettext.m4 to latest version from glib git repo

On 23.04.2016 16:33, Stefan Westerfeld wrote:

@@ -378,10 +381,10 @@ glib_DEFUN([GLIB_GNU_GETTEXT],
    rm -f po/POTFILES
-   test -e $srcdir/po/ && \
-     sed -e "/^#/d" -e "/^\$/d" -e "s,.*,    $posrcprefix& \\\\," -e "\$s/\(.*\) \\\\/\1/" \
+   sed -e "/^#/d" -e "/^\$/d" -e "s,.*,      $posrcprefix& \\\\," -e "\$s/\(.*\) \\\\/\1/" \
      < $srcdir/po/ > po/POTFILES
-  ])
+  ],
+  [[$0: This macro is deprecated. You should use upstream gettext instead.]])

Hm, once you're at it, can you simply investigate how we get rid of the macro instead of introducing a 
deprecation warning for us?

I.e. what's the newest state of the art practice to deal with i18n instead of GLIB_GNU_GETTEXT?

Yours sincerely,
Tim Janik
Free software author.

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