using beast from text files

I've been looking for a software system that will let me do more of the song
sequencing (and even sound design) via a text file interface.  I've just
found Beast, and it looks like it should support this mode of working.

I've looked at a .bse file and most of it makes sense, but already I can
tell that I'll need to be able to find the details on some of the functions
in them (e.g. insert-notes).  Does anyone know any pointers on how to get
into the details of this?

Ultimately, I'd like to be able to use a mixture of guile code and commands
entered in the REPL to setup and audition sounds/songs.  I've noticed that
Beast provides bsescm, but I'm not sure how to use it to invoke functions
provided by Beast itself (I'm a Guile/lisp newbie but I intend to learn). 
Again, any pointers on how to proceed in this direction?


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