CFP, Beast Release 0.7.8

If you are interested in Free Software and like to tinker with interesting
projects and technologies, the Beast project needs your input. Everyone
can contribute with testing, feature feedback, translations, wiki edits or
use case discussions. Please see the website:

Christmas left a lot of time to have a run on a number of ancient quirks
with the Beast code base. A number of orphan fixes are incorporated and
the entire code base is ported to compile as C++11. This opens up the
door for some UI, scripting and middleware improvements that have been
in the queue for too long already. Before we get to that, here's what's
probably the last release of the 0.7 branch with all its glory fixes.

Let us know what issues you run into, we take every complaint you
encounter, from UI hurdles to stability issue or regressions with old BSE

Beast is a music composition and modular synthesis application released
as Free Software under the GNU LGPL. Version 0.7.8 is available here:
Reference documentation for this version is at:

This release does away with some recently reported issues and clears
our patch backlog. We'll happily take new patches. ;-)

Overview of Changes in BEAST/BSE 0.7.8:

* Wave oscillator fixes for 96k samples (bug #612281). [stw]
* Performance improvements of the scheme shell. [stw]
* Allow Alt+MouseButton1 to drag synthesis modules.
* Merged plugin libraries, improved build times.
* Use the ALSA 'default' PCM driver by default.
* Adapt code to allow fftw drop ins. [stw]
* Migrated code base to compile as C++11.
* Lots of simplifications and cleanups.
* Extended MIDI device listing.
* Improved Beast startup time.

Yours sincerely,
Tim Janik

--- - Free software Author

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