Beast API Documentation Online

Hey All,

this week, I managed to put the Beast reference documentation
back up. We're back to using Doxygen as suggested by Stefan.
These days Doxygen works *much* better than a couple years ago
(though one bug was found and reported while fiddling with it).
The docs are linked from the development page of the Beast site,
however, here're some useful links right away (it can finally
have docs per file which is really nice):
	# BseEngine API
	# gsl_filter_sine_scan()

The Rapicorn docs are up in a similar manner, these are generally
more up to date than Birnet docs, and will become more important
once the Birnet lib in Beast is replaced:

Rebuilding docs and uploading them is a one-liner for me now.
And docs don't need to be built during a beast build anymore,
which speeds up the build process.
That way, we could also get rid of old doxer now.

To test build the development docs, you now do:
	make -C $PREFIX/beast/docs/dev
	www-browser file:///$PREFIX/beast/docs/dev/html/latest/index.html

Yours sincerely,
Tim Janik

--- - Founder and CEO of Lanedo GmbH.
Free software author and contributor on various projects.

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