I just tried BEAST to see if it might be suitable for producing a track.

I deem it very important to work in an agile way, starting, stopping
jumping around, looping over parts, listening to sounds and sequences in
isolation or various combinations ... because there are lots of things
to try and to tweak, if you want to produce quality.

With that in mind, I stumbled over several issues:
- Play/stop isn't triggered with spacebar (quite common with other
sequencers). There are shortcuts, but not one to toggle Play/Pause.
- Play after Stop always starts from the beginning.
- The playhead will happily leave the view. The view should follow the
playhead. Pagewise, not constantly scrolling.
- I had to ask on IRC on how to set loop points, despite knowing several
schemes from other apps. This should not require setting an option.
Better use L/M/R mouse button for playhead, left and right pointer (I
think most other apps call it Markers). Or some shift/ctrl-clicks, if it
has to be.
- No playback controls, no loop-this-pattern and no solo in the note
editor (all useful to quickly isolate and keeping in playback of what
you work on at the moment).

In the synth-editor, I miss sub-patches. But I guess that's what the
SubSynth node is meant for? I'd prefer patches as nodes, with just the
desired ports.

Thorsten Wilms

thorwil's design for free software:

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